TOYS: Go Hero announces Doc Savage action figure


I have a lot of action figures – a whole room full of figures still carded, loose in boxes, and in various poses around the Nerd Room of Doom, but come 2013, they will all bow before the might that is Doc Savage.

Go Hero has been teasing the Doc Savage 1:6 scale action figure for several weeks now, and so far, the head sculpts look fantastic.  That’s right, head sculpts – as in two.  The figure will come with two different heads, one with the classic Golden Age haircut, and the ’60s buzz cut that made the iconic pulp character popular with the kids again.  1docheadFULLhtdoc1No word on price or exact release date, but if the company’s The Shadow figure is any indication, Doc will set you back $129.00.

And if you are wondering if there are other pulp heroes coming your way, Go Hero has two teaser images on its site – one for The Claw, and another for The Spider.

via Go Hero