MINE: The One Ring gets replica treatment


So you didn’t get everything you wanted for the holidays. There’s still plenty of time to make up for gifts gone awry with The One Ring.

You know you want it, and for only $100 the prop replica can be yours courtesy the WETA Workshop and ThinkGeek.


Product Specifications

  • 18K Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide ring
  • Comes with walnut gift box lined with blue velvet
  • Engraved with words in ancient Elvish runes
  • Available in sizes 7 to 11
  • Fun fact! Size 11 is what was used in filming
  • Sterling Silver Chain of Frodo sold separately (This is an exact replica of the 25″ chain Frodo used to carry The One Ring around his neck.)

I don’t think this ring will turn you invisible, or turn you into an evil flesh eating boogeyman, but wear this around your neck, and enter a marathon.  If anyone asks why you are wearing it, just tell them, “One simply doesn’t walk into Mordor.”

Wait for it…

via ThinkGeek