MERCH: Jake and Finn adult pajamajams


Fans of Adventure Time have yet another item to add to the growing list of tie-in merchandise – adult sized pajamas let you pretend you are Jake, or Finn, in a post apocalyptic world.


I don’t know if I would wear these to a convention and call it cosplay, but the fun nature of these jammies have me wondering if it is time to ditch the Underoos, and get my girlfriend and I a set of these…

Everybody has a magical place they go to in their dreams. Sometimes that magical place is high school. (Not so magical, especially if we’re naked and can’t get to our final exam on time!) If you’re lucky, that magical place is the Candy Kingdom, where you can adventure with Jake and Finn.


The biggest downside? There’s no back flap, so those late night potty breaks are going to get rather interesting, when I wake up with the sudden urge to go. The other drawback? The pajamas set you back $39.99, and all sizes are currently out of stock. IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD!

via Think Geek