So, I should, in the spirit of full disclosure, let you know that I’ve prepared this question in advance.  Odds are, I’m hanging out with my family right now and preparing to get everyone on a plane for a flight to grandma’s house for more holiday what-have-you.  But, in either case, whether you’re a first-time Spoilerite or you remember Russell first-hand, we appreciate you visiting us today and pretty much any other day.  Here’s hoping your holiday went well and that you didn’t have to hide under the stairs or get caught up in an imaginary apocalypse or something, and that your impending New Year is one full of awesome and short of carnivorous pteradactyls.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has no idea who this “Feest O. Stephens” guy is, asking:
Get anything good this year?


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  1. On a pet site I play on, my friend got me a custom making item that costs quite a bit of real cash in the cash shop (because it allows you to create an actual custom of anything you want, not just a recolor of an existing pet lines base). The staff of the same site sent me a similarly pricey item (although this one due to it being rare) that allows for an alternate “Baby” style of certain pets to be made.

    In physical items, I got three LEGO games (LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, the first LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Batman 2) and Skylanders. My friends from Japan also sent along some more Super Sentai and Kamen Rider toys (including a few new Ranger Keys).

  2. My Lovely wife got me a book I’ve been desperate to have since I found the edition. She got me a leather bound copy of The Hobbit. She keeps calling it my bible.

  3. A gift that combines two of my favourite things, a pizza cutter shaped like the Enterprise, and the 2013 Beano annual. My stocking over flows with geeky goodness.

  4. My parents, knowing my love of comics, got me about eight individual issues of various series. One issue of “Justice, Inc”, three non-consecutive issues of Justice Society of America, and four non-consecutive issues of Green Lantern from the Sinestro Corps War (or rather, they were consecutive for the ongoing but were every other part of that event; thankfully, it didn’t stagger the events of one particular side of the event, so I got a pretty coherent story as far as it went). All of these I really liked, because I’m a fan of both Green Lantern and the JSA, and I’d recently read up on Justice, Inc from when it was a pulp series.

    Lucky guess, parents. You’ve done me proud.

    Then again, I also wanted a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements for Christmas, but I think I only mentioned that once a couple months before.

  5. I got the Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-Ray, Vols. 1 and 2 of Darkwing Duck on DVD, Stephen King’s Wind Through The Keyhole, my wife bought me Watchmen, Batman: Year One, and The Dark Knight Returns in TPB since they were sorely lacking from my collection. I also got a 13 disc Superman movie collection in a metal tin, I also got the PSMove controllers and PS eye thing to go with it, I can’t remember the rest of the cool stuff I got. I also bought a bunch of really cool stuff for my boys that I’ve been playing with too.

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