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The second series of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates is fighting its way to stores as we speak, featuring some of the biggest names in both franchises! Each mixed two-pack includes two Minimates, one from the Street Fighter universe and one from Tekken, each standing 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation. Look for them in comic shops and specialty stores on January 2nd, and at Toys “R” Us soon afterwards, with exclusive characters at both locations! Check out the pics of the final product below, and double-check the line-up to see who will show up where!

Comic and specialty shops will get:

  • Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
  • Abel vs. Kazuya
  • Hugo vs. Heihachi (exclusive)
  • Rolento vs. Kuma (exclusive)

Yoshimitsu Ryu Rolento Kuma KAZUYA2 Hugo Heihachi Abel
Toys “R” Us and will receive:

  • Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
  • Abel vs. Kazuya
  • Rufus vs. Julia (exclusive)
  • Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (exclusive)

HwoarangJulia-1 KAZUYA2-1 Rufus-1 Ryu-1 ChunLi4-1 Yoshimitsu-1 Abel

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