In this issue: Zach gives his impressions on watching Alien for the first time, and reflects on how that will make him a better film maker. Matthew has jury duty, and Stephen wonders if people still believe in end of the world myths.


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  1. This is absolute genius. There needs to be a whole podcast devoted just to things Zach hasn’t heard of or seen. If not a whole podcast then at least a segment. Gold! :)

  2. matthew touched on a great point near the end of the show. every damn day the world doesn’t end, is a new chance to start anew. every morning you wake up is another chance to slam on the brakes, hit reverse, and take that exit off the highway of jackwagonry. not to get too schmaltzy, since i just enjoyed a fine samuel smith oatmeal stout, and it’s quarter to 2 in the morning on the east coast on a saturday night (woooo, cool party guy doin’ laundry at my parents’ house), but yeah. hopefully more people realize the gift they receive every day.

    also, zach should watch the John Carpenter/Kurt Russell 80’s Trifecta: Escape From New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. he will emerge from that experience A MAN.

  3. Pretty sure leap years have no connection to the long count Mayan calendar, not that world ended or anything :0)

    Just saying that has no relevance to the Mayan calendar.

    I watched Alien when I was 7, I was *sure* I was watching Star Trek at first, then the nightmares started…

    I read the first 8 mangas of Battle Royal, that is one creepy as Hell manga, it’s disturbing and it’s enough for me to avoid the movie.

    • Pretty sure leap years have no connection to the long count Mayan calendar, not that world ended or anything :0)

      I believe Zach’s point was that said calendar doesn’t account for the extra day added to a calendar year using the current leap year system… I’ve heard that remark as well, but don’t know (or really, care to look up) enough information to confirm or deny.

  4. I’m actually not qualified for jury duty here in Canada, due to my legal education. They don’t like it when people know what a voir dire is, or any other nuanced things about courtroom procedure that can introduce bias into your judgement. I’m not complaining! It sounds dreadful.

  5. a pint about the film in question: this was one of the first times we saw a future that was grubby, exposed. the ship looked less like a showroom and more like people actually lived and worked there. This is a pivotal moment in the aesthetics of science fiction, one with great influence on films to come. Nebuchadnezzar, anyone? Enjoy the angle of new-kid-takes-on-genre-classics and would love for Rodrigo to weigh in on each one as well, lending his taste and expertise to the discussions. This segment could be made into a monster, if you all pull together as a team…

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