MERCH: Game of Thrones gets official beer line


With a blizzard heading for the Major Spoilers Headquarters I have but a few more hours to tell random strangers on the street, “Winter is coming.” While I enjoy those last few awkward encounters I will be wishing that I had an official Game of Thrones beer in hand. Get the details on this perfect merchandise idea after the jump.

HBO is partnering with Brewery Ommegang, based in Cooperstown, New York, to create a line a beer directly tied in with HBO’s breakout show. Other companies have allowed to sell Game of Thrones themed beer but these will be the first drinks developed to reflect certain characters and themes from the show. Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the first in the line, will be available on March 31st, the same day of the season three premiere. The next will be available Fall of 2013, with two more scheduled to release with season four. Iron Throne Blonde Ale will be available on draft and in 750mL bottles with a suggested retail price of $8.50.

HBO seems to have hit the nail on the head with this merchandise idea, but since they have only named one brew take to the comment section to give your thoughts on what the next three should be named.