SNEAK PEEK: BOOM! Studios for December 19, 2012


BOOM! Studios sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week.

Adventure Time #11
Written by Ryan North
Drawn by Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Chris Houghton
COVER B: Jason Ho
COVER C: Graham Annable
COVER D: Franco
Diamond Code: OCT12 0924

BRAND NEW ARC! PERFECT JUMPING ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in the latest of their totally math adventures! Get on board for what critics are calling “the best series of 2012”!

AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_1 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_2 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_3 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_4 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_5 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_6 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_7 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_8 AdventureTime_11_preview_Page_9

Bravest Warriors #3
Written by Joey Comeau
Drawn by Mike Holmes
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Tyson Hesse
COVER B: Maris Wicks
Diamond Code: OCT12 0914

HOT NEW SERIES FROM THE CREATOR OF ADVENTURE TIME! This clown planet is getting the Bravest Warriors super-down, man. But if someone needs saving, then they’re the dudes to do it! The comic adaptation of the new show from ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendelton Ward!

BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_01 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_02 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_03 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_04 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_05 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_06 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_07 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_08 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_09 BravestWarriors_03_preview_Page_10

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