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  1. I got: lens-flare, BWWAAAAAAH, evil monologue, flashing screen, BOOM BOOM SCHKWAAAH from this trailer. Still gonna see it though.

  2. The new man of steel trailer has great parallels to this trailer. But that’s not a bad thing! I can’t wait for those movies any much longer!

  3. Cumberpatch is totally Kahn, The cryo tube type thingies 0:56, and the “…do anything for your family…” at the 1:40 mark.

  4. It might be Kahn but I’m not at all certain it would be. Since the Star Trek universe was reset, the Space Seed episode never occurred, and therefore Kahn would never have met Kirk or had a reason to seek revenge.

  5. Looking forward to this movie, for its effects and eye candy. But I’m still having a huge issue with the entire concept and overall plot. I still don’t get how it would ever make sense that you would put a new academy graduate (a reckless one with an attitude problem and authority figure issues, at that) in charge of your multi-billion (or is it trillion?) dollar/credit starship and tell him to go save the planet. There’s no one else in Star Fleet (over the age of thirty) who can take command?!?

    Let’s face it. As written in the first movie, even Sulu and Scotty have more practical experience in being Star Fleet Officers that Kirk, let alone Spock.

    Maybe I’m the only one that thinks a movie series focusing on Kirk’s younger days, below decks, with Pike as the Captain in the background would have been just as interesting. For me, seeing him build his relationships with the eventual senior bring crew as young Ensigns would have been far more compelling.

      • Right. Point taken. I’d forgotten about the no money concept. Although I’ve always thought that might have been a throw away line by a writer, meant to show some sort of utopian economic system, that probably caused all sorts of problems down the line for their world building.

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