HOBBIT WEEK: Hobbit dress shows off your geeky fashion sense


What are you going to wear to the theater this week when you and your friends go to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? If you are smart, you’ll snag this snazzy Middle Earth dress spotted at Dragon*Con 2012.

Hi! I’m the one who created this. Thanks for all of the nice comments! This was very fun to design and create. I worked with a graphic designer who created the “repeat” map pattern and Spoonflower.com printed the map on cotton sateen fabric. I used a vintage Simplicity pattern #3422 as a base for the dress and altered it with scalloping. The clutch was my own design and the “ring” was recycled from an old circle belt buckle. Hope this inspires others! See you in line on December 14th! – Cressibeth

I like it!

via io9.com