TOYS: LEGO Lone Ranger Sets Coming in 2013


Check out this image from LEGO featuring characters from the upcoming Lone Ranger movie.

There are six sets scheduled for 2013

  • #79106 LEGO Lone Ranger Cavalry Builder
  • #79107 LEGO Lone Ranger Comanche Camp
  • #79108 LEGO Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape
  • #79109 LEGO Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown
  • #79110 LEGO Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout
  • #79111 LEGO Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase

Honestly, the last time I remember seeing an old west themed LEGO set had to be back in the ’90s that featured such interesting names like “Rain Dance Ridge,” “Fort Legorado,” and “Chief’s Tepee,” so this will make an nice addition to those sets from the past.

Of course with the sets now announced, you can begin the countdown for when the Lego Lone Ranger videogame lands.