Critically acclaimed video game series Bioshock from Irrational Games is set to release the third installment Bioshock Infinite…eventually. Learn the new date you can finally have your fingers wrapped around the game and see new gameplay footage after the jump!

After the last delay Infinite was set to release on February 26, but Irrational Games is moving that date back by another month to March 26. Having to wait another month for the game might make you sad but if you take a look at the gameplay that was shown at the VGAs last week that frown might turn upside-down!


I have never played a Bioshock game before, even though I have heard great things, but that footage looks amazing. I’m totally digging the steam punk vibe it has going on.

Again, Bioshock Infinite hits shelves March 26.

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  1. Honestly, not surprised or disappointed. This has been delayed a couple times already and that last month is probably just for a bit of polish. That, and it gives me an extra month before I have to pay for it.

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