Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: One From Column A, And One From Column B Edition


This week proved to be an odd one for me as a fan of super-heroes, with Avengers #1 bringing former New Mutant Sunspot into the Earth’s Mightiest fold, making me wonder what a team with the Hulk, Thor and Hyperion needed with a character who was super-strong but not invulnerable.  Soon after, we watched an episode of Power Rangers: RPM wherein Green Ranger Ziggy’s teleportation powers malfunctioned, leaving him hanging by his leg from a nearby ladder but importantly NOT permanently implanted in a wall.  I was reminded of the Silver Age explanation that Barry Allen had an extra power, an aura that kept him from bursting into flame at high speeds and was completely unrelated to his other super-abilities.  These sorts of secondary abilities have become implicitly part of nearly every heroes power-set, from Aquaman’s sea-born might to Cyclops’ enhanced neck muscles (to keep him from breaking his neck with every power-blast.)  Marvel even went to the trouble circa World War Hulk of pointing out that Bruce Banner’s super-mind had allowed the Hulk to rampage mindlessly without ever causing a casualty (despite the fact that there had been multiple stories dealing with those killed by the Hulk, notably during Geoff Johns’ run on Avengers.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds you that Marrow escaped certain death from being stabbed by discovering that her mutant power included a second heart, asking:  What’s the most inexplicable power in all of pop culture?