MOVIES: Fantastic Four reboot gets release date


Grumblings have been heard throughout Hollywood about a Fantastic Four reboot for months with pieces and tid-bits of information becoming right and wrong all along the way. With a director attached in July, Fox has officially announced a release date and they sure have picked an interesting date. Take the jump for the info.

March 6, 2015 Marvel’s First Family is headed back to silver screen. The yet named Fantastic Four reboot is helmed by the director from Chronicle Josh Trank and penned by Jeremy Slatter. Slatter has said that he will be giving a Fantastic Four movie that the “fans deserve.”

So, so far in 2015 we are set to have Avengers 2, Star Wars VII, Justice League, and now Fantastic Four in theaters. Avengers 2 is set for May 1 and we can place our money on Star Wars and Justice League hitting during that summer. While a March 6 release might seem like Fox doesn’t have faith in Fantastic to hit big during the summer, with giant franchises like that coming to theaters this could be a smart move releasing early. Also with Days of Future Past coming to screen summer of 2014 Fox obviously wouldn’t want to compete with themselves by releasing a year earlier.

And that is all we know as of now, so…let the casting/story rumor mongering begin!