If you listened to the latest installment of Comic Dorks, and shame on you if you haven’t, you would have heard Jim Zub hint at his future involvement in a Big Two title. Well the bat’s out of the bag and we have the important details for you after the jump.

Starting with issue #18, set to release in March, Jim Zub will be taking over the writing duties on Birds of Prey. Artist Romano Molenaar is set to stay on the title so if you have been enjoying the Birds of Prey art don’t worry about that.

According to the writer when he starts on issue #18 readers won’t see him do away with what current writer Duane Swierczynski has built up over his run, but that new readers will still be able to jump right in. Zub has released a few details on what he has in store for the title and it’s Mr. Freeze. His first stories will revolve around Mr. Freeze looking for revenge after the beating he took from Batman in the Batman Annual from earlier this year.

Jim does have a few new ideas up his sleeve that he will be bringing in the form of the Daughters of Dawn. This is what he said about the addition of the new threat:

Working with established characters is great, but one of the areas I’m super-pumped about is bringing new characters and ideas into the mix. The Daughters of the Dawn are a group I’ve come up with as a long term threat for the Birds (and who knows, maybe other parts of the DC universe as well). They’ll be introduced in issue #18 in a cutaway scene and will slowly develop in the background, putting pieces into play bit by bit. By the time they make their big move I’m hoping readers will be excited about who they are and how they tie into the bigger picture.

I for one know that I will start picking up this title starting in March. If you haven’t read any of Jim Zub’s work yet I highly recommend you check out his creator-owned title from Image Skullkickers and his dialoge about the comic industry over at jimzub.com


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