Yesterday, director Bryan Singer officially announced some of the cast that were returning to the X-Men: First Class sequel.

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In addition, it looks like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return to play the older versions of Magneto and Professor X.

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Good news? Bad news? A lot of meh? I like the possibility that we’ll get to see Days of Future Past get a big screen telling, and having a somewhat natural tie between the two X-Men series would be a good thing for 20th Century Fox.  Now if they can only get The Wolverine to work better than the first, X-Men movies could see a huge rebound.


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  1. You know what would be awesome? If the makers of the X-Men movies would re-boot.

    A natural tie between the two movies is great, except that:
    1) We had already seen Emma Frost in the original X-Men movies and she, ostensibly, would have to be de-aged by a decade over the intervening 40+ years because she was younger than she was in X-Men: First Class.

    2) We’ve now got a Havok who is nearly 40 years older than his older brother Cyclops.

    Even a movie that would, theoretically, be about dystopian futures and time-travel and such can’t make this timeline work anymore.

    (But, let’s face it, simply calling it ‘Days of Future Past’ won’t make it any more tied to the comic story of the same name than calling the screwed up pre-boot ‘First Class’ tied it to that story.)

    Quit trying to pile more convoluted crap on top of convoluted crap because even the stuff that isn’t crap winds up … you know, crappy. Reboot it — really reboot it — and start fresh.

  2. Who else could they cast? Stewart and McKellen were perfect in the role.

    Now the only question remains, what about Kelsey Grammer?

  3. I was astonished by how good First Class was. If the new movie is good like that one, they can do whatever they want and call it whatever they want, and I’ll be happy.

  4. Singer was a great steward in ushering in the wave of comic book flicks. I think X2 is in one of the best made comic book films out there. Subsequently we’ve had a lot of big names directors, actors, writers, etc… all involved in making really good, commercially successful, comic book films.

    I really enjoyed First Class. Vaughn did a great job, and it was a successful reboot of the franchise. Losing Vaughn, bringing on Singer as director, and now getting the old gang back together has me a little concerned. Nothing against anyone involved, but I really, really don’t want another Singer style X-Men movie and I think that’s what we’re going to get.

    With all due respect to Singer, why does he need to be so involved in the comings and goings of the X-Men film universe(s)? Why not bring in a different director to oversee the next film?

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