HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Joker Snuggly Sleeved Blanket


If you are going to look like a tool wearing a Snuggie, you might as well look like a cool tool, with Superhero Stuff’s Joker Costume Snuggly Sleeved Blanket.

Crafted from 100% polyester and just a slight pinch of Joker Venom comes the 5 foot tall by 50 inch wide Joker Costume Snuggly Sleeved Blanket! One thing is for sure when you see DC Comics’ Clown Prince of Crime and only one thing comes to mind – snuggling!

The design is classic Joker, and for only $25.00, this is a great gift for the DC fan in your life, so they can keep warm during the cold winter months.  Best of all, the sleeves allow you to continue to read your comic books without letting that cold draft in.

via Superhero Stuff