HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Star Wars Black Friday Sale


If you have a Star Wars fan on your list, and they have a digital device that has the Dark Horse Digital app installed, then you will really want to consider getting that special person on your list 153 single-issues of Star Wars comics for $100.

Get classics like The Clone Wars, The Old Republic, and all three arcs of Crimson Empire. Your favorite Sith friends are here too, with two different Darth Maul series and two new Darth Vader series, plus the latest Sith adventure, Lost Tribe of the Sith.

All comics starring your favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, are included, plus the new Imperial spy comic, Agent of the Empire.

Go back in time to the origins of the Jedi in Dawn of the Jedi, to one hundred years after the films end with Legacy, and more!

Over 3,772 pages of Star Wars goodness! This sale will begin at midnight (PST), Friday November 23 and runs through Sunday November 25th!

If I hadn’t already dropped a ton of money on Star Wars comics, you can bet this would have been a must buy for my own gift giving this year!

via Dark Horse Comics