There are two holidays that really get to me.  The first is Halloween, because we can dress up without fear of community lash back, the seasons change and the environment explodes in a deluge of colors, and we get to scare the crap out of one another for a good laugh.  The other is Thanksgiving (bet you didn’t see that one coming).  This is a time that we get to give thanks for what we have, what we can look forward to in the coming months, and years, and a chance to eat more food in a single sitting than we ever would normally.

Plus there is Black Friday, but more on that on Friday.

Though the Major Spoilers Anniversary Celebration is reserved for a look at things to come, this year, I’m moving some of my thoughts to this holiday.

This year I’m thankful for:

  • MY WIFE: Without her support I wouldn’t be able to duck out to record podcasts, update the website, or generally find reasons to geek out with my friends.
  • MY KIDS: Though The Boy and The Sidekick are a lot to handle for a fat old man, they bring no end of joy to my day as I see each of them develop from little nerdlings to future geeks and owners of all things Major Spoilers.
  • THE MAJOR SPOILERS CREW:  Without the help and hard work of all of the members of the Major Spoilers Crew, this site would not be as great as it is.  From our staff of reviewers, to my co-hosts on the various podcast, and even those who continue to go unnamed and unrecognized even though they provide a lot of support, I’m thankful every day for them.  Thanks so much Thomas, Rob, Zach, Rodrigo, Matthew, Jacob, Chris, Jimmy, Elijah, Adriana, Danielle, Kevin, Brandon, Elijah, Dave, George, Thomas, Brian, and Bryan.  Major Spoilers is better because of you.
  • The Spoilerites, The Critters, The Munchies, and everyone else who consumes our works. Though our content creators are top notch, without the support of our fans and followers, we would be at the bottom of the heap.Thank you so much – from the bottom of my heart – for everything you do.From the recurring donations and merchandise purchases, to the flowing comments and Twitter messages, it is all appreciated.  Keep spreading the word, and let’s take this crazy site to the top of the world.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “get to the f’ing question already”) for today is pretty obvious; “What are you thankful for this year?”