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IDW Limited today announced a deluxe limited-edition treatment of MONOCYTE from art visionary menton3 and writer/artist/entrepreneur Kasra Ghanbari. The book is now available for pre-order on the IDW Limited website ( The special edition includes hand-drawn artwork from the book’s artist and co-creator menton3, as well as several other gallery artists, including George Pratt, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Ben Templesmith.

The MONOCYTE Deluxe Limited Edition book is being offered in both Red Label and Black Label editions from IDW Limited, and for the first time, Black Label buyers have the opportunity to choose which artist they’d like to own original art from. Black Label editions are limited to 30 copies by menton3 and 5 copies each by Pratt, Sienkiewicz, and Templesmith. All Black Label editions will be housed in a handcrafted black cloth tray case and include a hardcover original art portfolio. Artwork techniques by each master range from watercolor to mixed media.

Created by menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari, drawn by menton3, and co-written/edited by Kasra, MONOCYTE is a cerebral, frightening, and beautiful story about old gods battling in a future wasteland. An incredible scope of gallery artists and comic talent contributed to this series, which include Ashley Wood, Phil Hale, Bill Sienkiewicz, David Stoupakis, Ben Templesmith, George Pratt, Steve Niles, Barron Storey, Riley Rossmo, and Christopher Mitten.

“MONOCYTE was such a personal book for us, and we were thankful to be able to work with IDW on it and have them be so open-minded and supportive of our approach and design ideas,” said menton3. “With IDW Limited, this relationship was taken even further, and I can’t wait to see this presentation of the book.”

The Red Label edition of MONOCYTE is limited to 150 copies, each presented with a special black cloth slipcase and hand-signed by both menton3 and Kasra. George Pratt, Ben Templesmith, and Bill Sienkiewicz have all provided original pieces and signatures for their individual Black Label editions, all of which are also signed by the book’s co-creators, Kasra and menton3.

“We created MONOCYTE as a love letter to the medium and because it was the kind of book we wanted to see on the shelves,” said Kasra. “With IDW Limited, we had access to incredible production possibilities and direct input into every design element. What we ended up with is a true definitive edition that fully realizes the art and reading experience.”

MONOCYTE Deluxe limited Edition is now available for pre-order at

MONOCYTE DELUXE LIMITED EDITION (RED-$125.00/BLACK-$495.00; 224 pages; 9” x 13”; hardcover) is now available for pre-order.


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