Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Clever Title Sidetracked By The Piercing Gaze Of Diana Rigg Edition


When I was younger, there was something called Wizard Magazine, where comics fans gathered to learn new fart jokes and over-estimate the value of their comic book collections, and said magazine had a monthly feature wherein they would speculate who should play whom in movie adaptations of our favorite superhero books.  All that I really remember about it was the repeated assertion that Dolph Lundgren was the only man to play Colossus, though he himself was Swedish and nearly 20 years too old to play the character.  Of course, on the other side of the casting couch, we have the late-90s adaptation of the British spy-fi series, ‘The Avengers,’ which put the seemingly well-cast Ralph Fieness and Uma Thurman in the shoes of John Steed and Emma Peel, and featured a supporting cast including Sean Connery, Eddie Izzard, Jim Broadbent and even the guy who originally played Steed in a cameo!  The casting seemed damn-near perfect, and yet the movie was the film equivalent of the moment where a sharp tortilla chip lacerates your gums and ruins your enjoyment of the entire Fiesa Platter combo.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always kinda wanted Ryan Reynolds as Aquaman, asking:
What seemingly-perfect casting has fallen flat for you?