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They came to Earth as gods. But humanity quickly discovered that the gods can be cruel as well as kind and the survivors must find the answer to the vital question: what does it take to kill a god?

One of the rising stars of American comics, Rob Williams, returns to the dark and gritty themes of his breakout hit, Cla$$war, as he once again acerbically skewers the superhero myth with help from artists Mark Harrison (Durham Red) and Ben Oliver (Nightwing).

In the near future, mankind has all but been destroyed by a race of super-powered beings who initially offered to help, but actually intended only to rule.

Those who hide in the ruins of the world and fight back against the tyranny of these ‘gods’ are nicknamed the ‘Ten-Seconders’ – so called because that is the average life expectancy given to those brave enough to battle the overwhelmingly- powerful opposition.

The latest graphic novel release from 2000 AD for the North American market, The Ten-Seconders also features enthralling artwork by Dom Reardon (Ichabod Azrael) and Shaun Thomas (Middenface McNulty), and is an action-packed tale of super-powered mayhem!

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