MOVIES: MacGyver heads to the big screen


A while ago, during our discussion of MacGyver #1, I mentioned that the issue felt like a build up to a new movie.  Looks like predictions are becoming a reality as New Line Cinema moves a MacGyver movie closer to reality.

According to Variety, the studio has started talks with James Wan (The Conjuring) to direct the movie.  I haven’t seen The Conjuring, but apparently Wan is the new wunderkind at New Line.  There are no details on the story, but there is a working draft written by Jason Richman with revisions by Brian and Mark Gunn.  I expect the movie will have something to do with MacGyver getting pinned down with nothing but his wits and the stuff around him.  Mac will then cobble together some fantastic make shift devices to get him out of trouble, stop the bad guy, and save the girl.

No word on release date, but I thought you might like to know your favorite ’80s TV show is headed to the big screen. You’re welcome.

via Variety