MARVEL NOW! Company heads to the airwaves to promote books


With the launch of Marvel NOW! keep your ears open a nationwide radio campaign to promote the comics.

Exciting new radio spots for Uncanny Avengers, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, All-New X-Men, Indestructible Hulk, Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America and more will be featured nationwide during top programs including “Fox Sports”, “Jim Rome,” “Nikki Sixx”, “Petros & Money” & “Opie & Anthony”.

“We’re excited to bring Marvel NOW! to millions of new readers nationwide through advertising during the biggest radio programs,” explained David Gabriel, SVP Sales, Marvel Entertainment.  “We’re spending more money on comic book marketing than ever in Marvel’s history to make sure that, in addition to publicity with major media outlets and top comic sites, there’s a strong mass consumer awareness of all our great new launches, from Uncanny Avengers to All New X-Men to Superior Spider-Man.”

I don’t know how successful a radio campaign is – I guess people still listen and buy based on radio ads, but I wonder if the radio campaign is targeted more toward their older/lapsed readers, or if they are trying to bring in a younger group?

via Marvel