TOYS: Yamato USA announces Grendizer figure


Yamato USA has announced the second figure in its MB Gokin series is the super robot “Grendizer.”

Enjoy the new version of Metal Box in die cast form with upgraded play value such as fully articulated joints, more optional parts, LED eye gimmick based on the original garage kit form! Maximum amount of die cast is used! Integrated SD body form is maintained in this series. Enjoy the feel of its volume, weight and its metal texture! Full Articulation enables its conversion into Flying Mode! On top of being upgraded in die cast form, each joint has been fully articulated, as a result, you can enjoy the cute but, yet cool posing as you please! LED Lighting Gimmick Installed! Being upgraded with LED installation and its clear eye parts, his eyes light up!

The figure is available now and has a suggested retail price of $59.99.