TOYS: New Hobbit Lego sets


We have already seen a few Hobbit Lego sets this year, but a new official site dedicated to the movie’s Lego sets has been set up and with it came a new round of products. You know the deal. You hit the jump, you get to see them.

Six sets to get to so let’s not waste any time.

The Riddles of the Ring

Escape from Mirkwood Spiders

Attack of the Wargs

An Unexpected Gathering

Barrel Escape

The Goblin King Battle


It is interesting to note that the first five sets all come in sequencial order but the Goblin King set skips five in the set numbering pattern. More sets? Yes, please.

Overall I think these are some great sets and will surly make your favorite Lego/LOTR fan happy this holiday season. No price has been announced for these, but I’m guessing this group will have a wide range of prices judging by the different sizes and minifigs included in each.