MARKET SHARE: Marvel takes top spot for October 2012


Another month of comic sales data has found its way to the Major Spoilers In Box, and the results are not so good for DC Comics.

According to Diamond Comic Distributors, Marvel Comics claimed the dollar share and unit share top spots for the month ending October 31, 2012.  Marvel beat DC Comics by 3.6% on the dollar share, and just over 5% on the number of comics sold in the direct market.  This jump was lead by the Avengers vs. X-Men conclusion and the new Marvel NOW! titles, as Uncanny Avengers #1 placed first, with Avengers vs. X-Men #12 nabbing second place.  Marvel had five titles in the Top Ten, with DC having four titles appearing on the list  The Walking Dead fever continued in October as The Walking Dead #103 finished 9th for the month.

2 AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #12 $4.99 JUL120535 MAR
3 BATMAN #13 $3.99 AUG120180 DC
4 JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 $3.99 AUG120146 DC
5 A PLUS X #1 $3.99 AUG120562 MAR
6 GREEN LANTERN #13 $2.99 AUG120199 DC
7 DETECTIVE COMICS #13 $3.99 AUG120184 DC
8 AVX VS. #6 $3.99 JUL120526 MAR
9 WALKING DEAD #103 (MR) $2.99 AUG120472 IMA
10 AVX: CONSEQUENCES #1 $3.99 AUG120569 MAR

Comic sales continue to do well, as the number of comics sold increased by 16% compared to September 2012.  There was a slight, slight, slight dip in sales compared to October 2011, as the number of titles fell less than one percent.