Lords of the Feywild

This episode of Critical Hit: It’s time to do a quick level up for Orem, plus we dive into the mailbag and answer listener mail, including an answer to the question, “What is the worst gaming experience ever?”


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  1. So the critical hit Trelle tee at slashloot.com: Is there a better view of the image – not the t-shirt – just the image? Maybe you could post it somewhere on the MS site?

  2. Josh "Spaceboot" Treleaven on

    This episode reminded me of the existence of Glaa, and how he was one of my favourites. Bring back Glaa! (I always hated Smith, and have a mild dislike for Ket, but I love Glaa, which is weird I know.)

    Speaking of favourites, I like Torq.

    Speaking of unfavourites, has anyone else noticed that Trelle is whiny? I don’t mind a whiny character, but I feel like Trelle needs to do something epic and awesome to make up for it. I mean, I know we’ve established that Trelle is good at what she does, but I want to see more Trelle being awesome. And I don’t just mean fighty fighty. As much as I hate to compliment Stephen, Orem’s a good example of being awesome just in the roleplay.

    I know, it’s harder with Trelle because she doesn’t have Orem’s social graces. There has to be somewhere to have her really shine in the RP department.

    As for my favourite virtual DM, it’s a tie between Chris Perkins and Rodrigo. Just kidding: it’s Rodrigo by a mile. Seriously, if there was an award for actual play D&D podcasts, I think Critical Hit would win all the awards.

  3. I’m actually working on getting a game together for Enter the Shadowside (that indie game mentioned). It is very good and I recommend it highly. Incredibly story and roleplay based, so I think that the Critical Hit gang would get a kick out of it. The core books are pretty cheap. Here’s the site for it: http://www.entertheshadowside.com/

  4. Hey Stephen, it’s not up on itunes yet, and it’s Monday. You guys do an awesome job, and I just wanted throw you a heads up. Thanks!

  5. I absolutely love this episodes, when the crew stops and breaks down the game, sharing opinions and stories. To me it feels like being part of the family ;). There was a lack of Matthew though :(

  6. So, the trelle shirt is available, does that mean that the other official designs will be made available soon in shirt form?

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