After taking a small break to release the first trade and recharge their batteries for the newest arc, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples are back with a new issue of Saga! The series was much loved on the Major Spoilers Podcast, it’s been much loved on the internet, and it’s been much loved in my heart, so let’s get right into this advanced review of Saga #7!

Saga #7
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Letters and Design: Fonografiks
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99



Previously in Saga:  Alana and Marko were enemies but now they are married and have a child, Hazel. After the birth of their child they trekked across Wreth to find an escape off the planet and hopefully a better life amongst the stars. Along their way found a severed spirit girl, Izabel, who guided them to the Rocketship Forest. The group finally made it aboard the last ship and lifted off, but was soon boarded by two unexpected guests, Marko’s parents!


If Saga #7 ends up being your first read of the series, don’t worry there is a nice five page sequence right up front that is going to give you the back story you need to understand the interactions that are about to take place. It’s not so much of a story catch-up for the last story arc but more of a history lesson on why the horns and the wings hate each other. But if you are a faithful reader of Saga, like everyone should be, this opening serves also as background on why Marko is less than pleased his parents just boarded their ship.

Were you worried that Hazel’s dismembered ghost babysitter was blasted into ghoul dust to never be seen again? Well fear not because the action picks up right where issue six left off and Marko’s mom explains that she didn’t destroy Hazel but banished her off the ship onto the nearest planet. Marko takes no time at all to transport himself to that nameless planet because parents know that it’s so hard to find decent help these days.

Since Marko’s mom doesn’t feel he is competent to handle anything on his own she goes after him leaving Alana, Hazel, and the father alone on the ship and it gets awkward fast. Not like creepy sexual awkward, not no one is saying anything awkward, but the racially charged insults kind of awkward. When you look at this issue as a whole it’s showing that the two races still hate each other and that Marko’s parents can’t overlook that for their child. When you read this your jaw will be left on the floor multiple times from what spews out of the two parents’ mouths.


You are right, voice inside my head. I would like to officially place my interests in marrying Fiona Staples art. I know this may seem sudden since we just took a break, but right from the first page of this issue I remembered my true feelings.

Alright, back to real review talk. Fiona Staples hasn’t missed a beat coming back into issue seven. Right from the first splash page of young Marko and his dog all the way to the naked, three-eyed giant you will remember why you loved her art the first time around. Forget that fact that she is consistent throughout the entire issue and that her art tells a story all by itself, there is another reason why this art is superb: Staples’s art makes the reader feel like what she is depicting could actually be real. I’m not sure how this happens, if it just works so well together with the narrative that the effect is reached, but however it’s happening, it is wonderful.


If you are to ever come across a person that exclaims, “Comics are only for little kids!” proceed to immediately throw the collected first volume and this issue at them. Saga #7 continues on as a testament to the type of stories that are possible and even better in a paneled-paged format. Vaughan’s words intertwine with Staples’ art to deliver a narrative that is worthy of many awards. The introduction of Marko’s parents has already proved to be an interesting addition to the story that will develop, especially with the ending cliffhanger, in the issues to come. Saga #7 is a must pick up next Wednesday and earns 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. I fell in love with this series from issue one. I’m actually super stoked that we’ll get some backstory on why everyone hates everyone else. And anything pertaining to issues of race and family fascinates me to no end. Not to mention, the sudden arrival of Marko’s parents was enough to illicit a verbal “Oh, &?!#…” from me.

    I’m so excited and super happy they’re keeping up the same calibre of awesomeness that the series has displayed so far.

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