THE MERCH: Walking Dead silicone trays and molds let you eat the dead


Diamond Select Toys has announced a line of silicone molds and trays based on The Walking Dead series, that includes an undead face that will totally change the attitudes at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

The Walking Dead Silicone Tray lets you cast up chunks of ice, chocolate or gelatin in the shape of zombie body parts, as well as the famous Walking Dead comic book logo — perfect for a cool drink and a snack with the latest issue of TWD. And the Walking Dead Silicone Gelatin Mold reproduces a quivering 9″ by 5″ zombie head in whatever color gelatin you like. Turn any dinner into a dinner party, and any dinner party into a night of unspeakable horror!

This would have been perfect a month ago, but I can see sticking a random undead cube into the ice cube bowl and sitting back to watch the reactions.

via Diamond Select Toys