STATUES: Venom statue on the way from Kotobukiya


Kotobukiya has announced a new Venom statue that is headed our way in 2013.

Crouched low like a viper poised to strike, the evil Venom willingly gives up the high ground to web-head.  Brock and the Symbiote are in perfect sync, taunting their prey and patiently waiting to get it in their deadly grasp.  Venom is massively muscled, with an intricately sculpted alien physiology that shows how the symbiote can shift forms and make itself look imposing.  Leaning forward on his right leg, the monster bends at the waist with its arms out to its sides and wicked clawed fingers opened wide as it flings webs with the smashed concrete street flying around it.  Venom wears his trademark smile, a huge skull-splitting grin exposing frightening teeth while the creature’s shockingly long tongue snakes out of its mouth and curls in the air.  The symbiote is black with bright white spider markings on its chest and back, squares on the back of its hands, and its enormous eyes; meanwhile, Venom’s creepy brownish teeth contrast nicely with its dark red, wet-looking tongue!

The Venom Unbound statues stand just under 10-inches tall, and is sculpted by Erick Sosa.  The 1/6th scale statue has a suggested retail price of $209.99 and is expected to arrive in June 2013.  That’s a ways away, but considering the price tag, it gives you plenty of time to start saving.

via Kotobukiya