TELEVISION: New DC Characters Coming to Arrow


A slew of new characters, both villainous and heroic are showing up in Starling City over the next few months. An exclusive clip can be seen over at as well as character news in few different places.

From the video we can clearly make out the Royal Flush Gang, a more realistic version of them at least, Deathstroke, probably from a flashback, and someone, Jessica De Gouw, reportedly being cast as Huntress. EW also has reports of an appearance by Bat villain Firefly, played by Andrew Dunbar.
But then there’s more, TV Line is also giving us info on the big villain for the season, Count Vertigo, a classic Green Arrow villain. There is a change up for the more realistic series of course, the Vertigo name is going to be attached to a new drug working its way into Starling City, but there will be a man attached to it with the traditional powers anyhow. No announcement has been made as to the actor for Vertigo yet, so go ahead and suggest away. I, for one, am enjoying the show and excited about the prospect of more characters.