The much plagued production of the novel-to-film adaptation of Max Brook’s World War Z is starting to put out promotional items. The first footage found it’s way online and the first teaser poster is also here. Take a look after the jump.

ET placed the first footage for the upcoming zombie flick in a promo for their upcoming spotlight on the movie during their Thursday show. Look at the vide to see clips of large, sprinting undead hordes.


A teaser poster was also released this week, although it doesn’t really give us anymore information than we knew already.

World War Z is directed by Marc Foster and stars Brad Pitt and Matthew Fox with a, as of now, scheduled release date of June 21st, 2013.


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  1. Is anyone else worried by the fact the teaser looks like a random action movie? I’m hoping this is just a glimpse of the intro, as I can see setting up the narrator by giving him a little backstory before he begins his interviews. Here’s to hoping…

    • Not worried, not really surprised, but disappointed. I hope you’re correct about that being a quick 15 minute rescue montage, before they settle into the Studs Terkel routine.

      Though if you watch the full trailer you may not come away quite so hopeful…

  2. I’m sorry, but wasn’t the original book mostly a collection of stories from various survivors of the zombie plague? How exactly did they manage to turn that into a generic action movie?

    The idea of making it into an anthology film would have been much more interesting than what we’re getting. World War Z seems perfect for that sort of thing. Heck, we could have gone further by having each ten to fifteen minute segment be directed by a different guy. Try experimenting, people!

    Then again, experimentation is something the movie going public hates and gets frightened by. Or at least that’s the case according to Hollywood hacks who don’t understand that taking risks is exactly what they need to remain relevant.

  3. Just caught the full trailer. Yeah… definitely more of an ‘Inspired by the novel…’ type of adaptation. Looks like Independence Day meets 28 Days Later.

    Won’t write it off entirely, but I am a bit disappointed, as WWZ the novel was a fun take on the genre. I would have liked to have seen that sort of understated, docu-style approach in the film. Obviously someone decided that wasn’t going to sell with movie goers en masse.

  4. Yay! World War Z Trailer… Ah, crap…

    I really loved the book. I was hoping they would do a documentary type film about it since that’s all the book was. I even bought the audio book which was pretty good too given all the voice talents that were put into it.

    I don’t remember how much credence this has, but a few years ago someone had read the script and thought it was ‘oscar material.’ Now, with all the action sequences presented, it really doesn’t look that way which is incredibly disappointing.

    Still, this might just be the scenes they decided to include in order to get people interested. Maybe the rest of the movie has qualities more in-tune with the book itself. Maybe I’m just being stupidly optimistic.

    And I’ll still probably see it anyway.

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