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GrayHaven Comics is proud to announce that they are partnering with Barnes and Noble to offer their library of titles digitally for the Nook.

For three years GrayHaven has dedicated itself to providing up and coming creators an opportunity to have their work published, often for the first time through The Gathering anthology while also have star creators like Sterling Gates, Victor Gischler, John Jackson Miller and Gail Simone lend their talents to the books.

In the latter half of 2012 GrayHaven launched the self-contained mini-series Mother and Son and Of Wolf and Woman and will spinoff a new full color horror anthology Tales From the Abyss and in 2013 Phase Two of GrayHaven begins with the release of more self-contained series:
Chronographer by Erica Heflin Fabio Pio, Edson Alves and Carlos Paul and Run Like Hell by Elena Andrews and George Amaru adapted from the thriller with the same name, 11:59 by Andrew Goletz and Nick Francis, Titanium Star by Victor Gischler and Sam Tung and Tomorrow by John Coker, Jason Hissong and Devin Taylor.

Regarding which books would make the conversion to digital, publisher Andrew Goletz said, “All of GrayHaven’s titles from The Gathering to our upcoming Phase Two books and beyond will be available both in print and digitally through Barnes and Noble.”  He continued “By the end of November our mature readers title The Dark along with issue one of Mother and Son will be available as well as the All Women, Fairy Tales, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction and Silver Age issues of The Gathering with the entire library becoming available by year’s end.”

A staunch supporter of print comics, the publisher added “We are definitely continuing with print comics and have a more aggressive schedule lined up in 2013 and 2014 than ever before. But moving to Barnes and Noble gives us the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience and offer our comics in an exciting new way utilizing cool technology like the Zoom View for Nook to make an even more unique reading experience.”


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