That’s right, DC has announced a series staring John Constantine within the New 52. For some more details, including the fate of other books he’s in, take the jump.

Constantine will launch March of next year and is being written by Robert Venditti, with art by Renato Guedes.

As with all launches in the New 52, this announcement comes with news of a cancellation. This time it is the long running series Hellblazer, also starring an iteration of Constantine. The long-running series will end in February with issue #300 at the end of the “Death and Cigarettes” story arc.


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  1. Noooooo! Vertigo Constantine is so much cooler and has so much grit and history. It’s always been a title that sinks or swims depending on it’s writer, and I’ve never even heard of the guy on the new book. Not psyched.

  2. I actually expected this. With the success of JL Dark in the New 52, the writing was kind of on the wall for Constatine-Classic. As with anything, the proof will be in the actual book, but in the worst case scenario, I have 3 extra dollars of foldin’ money each month…

  3. Ok, I admit to buying Hellblazer more out of habit than out of sincere love for the last few years of plotlines.
    But this still makes me very sad and a little angry.
    I feel like this new series will run for a few years, eventually stop matching with mainline DC’s editorial vision and then just get spun of to Vertigo again.
    John had better go out with a bang.

  4. justanothergeek on

    I’m angry, not very angry but angry still, if it was just the series ending because of it’s natural progression then i’d be just sad, but this is just a cash grab, they did the same with Madame Xanadu and it was for nothing Demon Knights is really no big deal, I haven’t been enjoying JLD at all so I don’t have much confidence in this new tittle, I’ll give it a chance because I always do but I really don’t see reason for letting this tittle go.

  5. Kind of bummed in a way, I had just started picking the series up a couple of years ago, and was like okay this is now one of my things. I will give this a fair chance. On one hand, I feel like a tradition has kind o fbeen lost with DC with cancelling this tile, as it was the last of the Vertigo inception books. Vertigo has lost its icon, as if DC proper lost Superman.

  6. This series probably isn’t going to be the ‘big boy’ series the Vertigo run was, is it? Constantine is kind of watered down in the JLD series. He’s funny, but watered down to be more ‘kid friendly’ even though it’s not really a kid book. That kind of sucks.

    I’ll still check it out. I do love the character and as long as he doesn’t take a turn for the Keanu-Reeves-worst, I’m good. Like Matthew said, if it’s not that great, I’ll have three extra bucks to put towards something else.

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