Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: All Hail Galvatron Edition


Change is never easy, but it seems that it’s more difficult for fans of comics and escapist fiction than those with a “normal” mindset.  Nevermind that the whole POINT of the Pokemon franchise is for the monsters to evolve, Pikachu will never become Raichu.  Even a year later, there are still fans who cannot fathom the idea of the New DCU and rage with all their might against it.  The much-maligned Kyle Rayner and even second Robin Jason Todd eventually got ‘over’ to some degree, and I’m slowly warming to John Cleese as R, but the vast majority of times that a character gets replaced, he or she ends up being Jason Patric in ‘Speed 2.’

Back when I was young, the Powers That Be even took out mighty Megatron, replacing him with another character that I was poised to hate, whom my teenaged brain was dead certain would be inferior, if only because of a lack of Frank Welker.  It was a character who was voiced by the always-awesome Leonard Nimoy, a character who, in his first moments of life, gave Starscream the quick-and-brutal murdering that he probably deserved, a character who began to grow on me, in spite of myself (though I’ll still probably never attend a meeting of the Ultra Magnus fan club.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) knows Kup and Hot Rod just bought it, but can’t DEAL with that right now, asking: What replacement characters do you find yourself liking, even though you hate that the original was replaced?