Lords of the Feywild

This episode of Critical Hit: After the stunning conclusion to the last episode, it’s pretty clear the party is over. But who will leave, and who will stay?


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  1. Loved the part where Mathew’s all “I was joking!”, for a second I really thought Rodrigo had just punished Rob for something Mathew had said.

  2. Deep inside me when the kid did that one thing to the one guy I laughed and then I thought “Bad Orc” and felt like hitting Torq on the head with a newspaper. But still an awesome episode as per usual.

    I am thinking that I might distribute some CD copies, for free, when I goto my local’ish comic shop next time I am there. See if I can do my part for the site.

  3. What a wrap up! I really dig these RP heavy segments too, but it’s good to have them on the road again. I hope we see more of Kamis in the future, though it sounds unlikely for the time being.

    About the season thing, it does feel a bit short after the epic that was the Celestial Crusade, but I don’t mind it. It’s not like television where you have to wait the better part of a year for the next season, and there’s still new content in the off-season. Kinda like the bits of pickled ginger you have between pieces of sushi!

  4. Awesome episode. This season continues to absolutely rock. The awesome combat is being complimented by some stellar roleplaying. Two thumbs up and a big fangly smile.

  5. The last couple of episodes were awesome, well even more awesome than usual. I echo the enjoyment of the RP sessions, kudos everyone. Stephen’s dramatic moments were so seamless they almost seemed scripted which is a testament to the players (and gm). Adriana has been a great addition to the group and I anxiously look forward to every week.

  6. One of my favorite episodes. The reactions to Guy’s “incident’ were priceless.

    But nothing beats this line: “Do it again! And make sure everyone has their tiaras on!”

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