With the mess that is the Marvel Universe after AvX there is bound to be a lot of clean up to do. Consequences is what will take us from Cyclops’s fall to the state of the X-Men in Marvel NOW! Take the jump for the Major Spoilers look at how it’s coming together.

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Mark Brooks
Inkers: Mark Brooks & Andrew Hennessy
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca & David Curiel
Editor: Nick Lowe
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99

Previously in AvX Consequences: Cyclops is in jail and making friends with another prisoner, a new mutant. Hope said she wanted to be normal but has decided to try and find her adoptive father instead. After a fight in which Magik convinced her brother she was evil, she gave Colossus’s location to Storm.


Tony Stark approaches Scott wanting to run more tests to understand the Phoenix Force. Scott is his currently usually contrary self, until Tony mentions he knew the end result would be new mutants. The exchange is rather interesting, either revealing Tony’s intentions from before or showing that he still knows how to manipulate someone. Either way it can lead to some interesting moments down the line. Our next sequence shows how the errant Extinction team is evading the Avengers; Agent Brand is feeding Magneto info; another decent twist which gives us the motivation of a great lesser-used character.
Hope’s search takes her to the ruins of Utopia, Namor’s domain. The two had formed a mutual respect while working together in the Extinction team, and it follows through here. Hope confronts Namor about his attack on Wakanda and Namor’s candor is rather unprecedented. The entire exchange feels very natural between the pair and is handled well. The next sequence stems from Magik’s reveal to Storm. Storm confronts the suffering Colossus, who merely wants to be left alone at this point. Their conversation does yield very telling things from Piotr that one must really see for themselves to fully comprehend. While leaving Storm is met by Magneto, who feels the same way she does on how to handle Colossus and yet further interesting interaction occurs between the two of them. Being some of the more philosophical members of the team, the conversation tends toward their roles and both have good ideas on the subject.
The final sequence turns back towards Scott and his new friend Jake. Their relationship is becoming something wholly different, as they both become more indoctrinated with the other’s lifestyle; Scott teaching him of the school and Jack giving Scott ideas on prison life. It is a relationship I am growing to enjoy.


The crux of this book is built on the relationships and reactions of the characters within them. This is no better served than with the body language Brooks brings forth. Every step, every turn, every facial tweak is calculated to show precisely what the character is feeling. Namor’s scowl, Piotr’s anguish, even Erik’s regret are quite visible in every panel.

BOTTOM LINE: Find it, Read it, Worth it

AvX Consequences is about how the X-Men deal with the fall of the Phoenix and Utopia; thusly it is about their relationships. AvX Consequences #4 plays that part perfectly. Each conversation, each action lends itself to more understanding of where the X-Men are going to be at the end of this. Between the great artwork and the excellent character work, AvX Consequences #4 earns itself a very well deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★½

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