Major Spoilers Podcast #462: Vampirella vs. Fluffy – DUELING REVIEW


In this issue: Put away the Halloween candy, there’s still one more horror story to tell, as Matthew and Stephen give you the rundown on Vampirella vs. Fluffy One-Shot that was released October 31, 2012.

Young, horny high school couples are being horribly mutilated by demonic Puritans. Time for Fluffy to take a study break and kick some supernatural ass! Meanwhile, Fluffy’s pals are wagging their tongues at the hot new substitute teacher – Vampirella. When the iconic vampire and the teenage warrior face off, the clash is more epic than stripes and polka dots! Vampi continues to tear her way through pop-culture vampirism in dark, brutal – and cathartic –satire from writer Mark Rahner (Vampirella Annual #2, Rotten).


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