Axe Cop has been a much talked about book this past year and rightfully so. With a brother comedy tag-team heading a book that sent Matthew into a giggle frenzy when it was reviewed on the Major Spoilers Podcast it is no surprise that a network already known for its outrageous cartoon shows would give Axe Cop a shot. Take the jump to see the first animated test reel.


Doth my ears deceive me? Is that Ron Swanson (formally known as Nick Offerman) I hear voicing the beloved Axe Cop? It hasn’t been officially confirmed that that is Nick Offerman’s voice, but if it’s not that man does a great Swanson.

I think that this reel looks great and that if they keep going with this same feel it will make a nice addition to Fox’s Animation Domination High Definition next summer.

If you want to read the strip that this reel is based off of it is Ask Axe Cop #47 and you can read it right here.

via Super Hero Hype


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