Some news articles catch you by surprise. Others come so far out of left field that you have to assume a shady business conglomerate has a hand in what you just read. I’m not entirely sure that this falls under that category, but this has to be the strangest announcement I have ever read. Valiant is apparently sponsoring the USA Luge Team and in return their uniforms will be modeled after a Valiant character. Take the jump for more details.

An unlikely partnership, but a partnership none-the-less, has been struck between Valiant Comics and the United States Luge team that will see Valiant donating an amount of somewhere in the six-digit mark to the team in return for the team designing their uniforms around Valiant character X-O Manowar. The basic design of the uniforms is in the video below and they look pretty cool. Obviously they are lacking the traditional red, white , and blue colors attributed with the US so hopefully that doesn’t put people into a fit. Watch the video below for comments directly from the USA team.


Part of me hopes that no other companies jump on sponsoring Olympic teams so Valiant isn’t overshadowed, but the other part hopes that DC will sponsor USA’s Mens Curling team and design their uniforms after Deadshot. Man they were a disappoint last Winter Olympics.

Hopefully the sponsorship will increase the awareness of Valiant and their characters, especially since they have just rebooted all their characters in the last few months. Look for the X-O Manowar uniforms next month at the Luge World Championship in Austria and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.


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