In the current comic client with new number one issues coming out, seemingly, every week from The Big Two it is interesting and fresh to see a title go to a progressive numbering system in lieu of a new number one with every arc. Take the jump to read Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie’s comments about their decision with B.P.R.D.

The move to monthly, continuous numbering is partly a point of pride—Mike and John and I are really happy with this series, and we sort of can’t believe we’ve hit a hundred issues. But we’re also doing it because we think it’s clearer for retailers and readers. When we were doing lots of 5-issue arcs, a new #1 a couple times a year seemed like a good way to spike sales. But with more 2- and 3-issue stories, we’ve found ourselves with as many as five #1’s in a year, and it can get very confusing. So while we do worry that there will be a bit of confusion as we make this switch—and we’re open to any ideas about how to minimize confusion—we think that a few months from now, and going well into the future this will simply make it easier to look at issues of B.P.R.D. on the shelf and know in which order to rack them, buy them, and read them.

Seeing a publisher, essentially, openly admit that putting out more number ones is a way to sell more issues and then say they are going against that thinking to make it easier on retailers and new readers is not something I imagined I would read anytime soon. Also, the fact that Dark Horse admits they might not have this whole transition figured out and are open to suggestions makes it feel like the company wants to do everything in their power to help out the readers.

Do you think this move in numbering is a right direction for the B.P.R.D. series? Will the change help new readers or be too confusing to long time readers? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments.

B.P.R.D. #100: The Return of the Master #3 is out this Wednesday.


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  1. I always liked when the Marvel renumbered issues like JMS Spider-Man etcs had the new volume number but also included the ongoing volume number on it as well in a paler grey
    Maybe they build up like that from 98, 99 then switch for 100 for the story arc

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