MOVIES: Iron Man 3 gets alternative poster


Earlier this week we were all treated to the first official Iron Man 3 poster and trailer and those events inspired Matt Ferguson to do up his own poster. Take the jump to see the, possibly better, alternate poster.

Here is Ferguson’s work. Click on that beauty to take in the full size image.


I love this poster! It reminds me of an era gone by where films would have true works of art for their posters. Not that all posters are bad now, but they don’t stack up to the likes of Back to the Future, Raiders of the Last Ark, original Star Wars, Jaws, and many others.

Ferguson has done some recent work with Marvel designing the sleeve for the Marvel Phase One box set. Hopefully Marvel will latch on to this and sell it along side other prints for the spring release movie. If nothing else maybe Ferguson will personally sell it, because I for one want this framed and up on my wall.

via Super Hero Hype