I have a dear friend who has one of the most annoying habits ever.  (Actually, now that I type it, that sentence fits damn near everyone I know, from Stephen all the way down to my uncle from Cleveland.)  She is a movie contrarian, championing bad films, taking shots at good ones, and laughing raucously during truly scary sequences (and incidentally ruining them.)  While I appreciate that mileage varies, it seems that watching SyFy originals is a high price to pay to enjoy a few moments of giggling, especially if the things involve Dean Cain.  Still, as a big fan of certain films that others like to mock, I understand the urge, but sometimes a crap movie is just a crap movie.  Even Joel and the crew at MST3K couldn’t find much to mock on ‘Monster A Gogo,’ leaving them to go off on unrelated tangents to make the episode funny.  (It worked, by the way.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants the bird’s eye lowdown on this caper, whatever that means, asking: Which reputedly bad movie do you feel most earned the public’s derision and hatred?


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  1. “Battlefield Earth” is just a gigantic ball of stupid. Fully deserves its bad rep. And the Roger Ebert review of the film is epic.

    • The only good thing about Battlefield Earth are the fantastically scathing review it has attracted over the years, Jonathan Ross reading synonyms for bad was a personal favorite.

  2. “I Hart Huckabee’s” The only movie I have ever walked out of. About half way through the flick I just said to myself that I have better things to do than watch this.

  3. Highlander 2 (any cut). I’m sorry, but that movie took an interesting premise, turned it on it’s head and crapped all over it. Even the later “Director’s Cut” that erased the whole alien thing still came off terrible. Equally bad (but not as publicly panned as it was direct-to-video) is Highlander: The Source.

    I feel like I’m being bad touched anytime I’m forced to watch either of those.

  4. Santa Claus vs. The Martians. This steaming pile makes “Plan Nine from Outer Space” or “The Green Slime” look good. Not to mention the film makers’ painting a prepubescent Pia Zadora green and parading her around in a skimpy costume was just plain wrong on so many levels. Don’t ever watch this film! Gouge your eyeballs out with a rusty pickle fork instead, you’ll enjoy it more.

  5. Sword and Sorcerer
    Highlander 2
    Ice Pirates
    Howard the Duck
    Battlefield Earth
    Memoirs of an Invisible Man with Chevy Chase
    Battle beyond the Stars (a ripoff of Star Wars)

    I had the misfortune of seeing Ice Pirates, Highlander 2 and Memoirs of an Invisible Man in the theaters.

    I am on the fence regarding The Black Hole. It was full of cheese, but was just plain fun, plus I have a soft spot for Slim Pickens.

  6. Pearl Harbor, that vast quantity’s of cash could be spent producing and promoting such an misjudged, ham fist-ted poorly written pile of tat still makes me a bit angry. Grr, excuse me I’m going to watch Iron Man and calm down.

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