In past years, I’ve tried to review something super-scary the week of Halloween in my pseudo-weekly Retro Review feature, to stay in the holiday spirit and offset the tendency of Stephen’s local Wal-Mart to try to ring in the X-Mas season early.  This year, though, I am blanking on something truly horrifying enough to get the job done, with candidates like Neil Gaiman’s ’24 Hours,’ the entire EC Comics library, and even the legendary pages of ‘Plop’ in the metaphorical hopper.  Since all the news outlets have gone to the method of telling us what people think they know rather than cover the news, I figure I can go the same route and crowd-source my legwork as well, leading to a win-win situation for everybody!

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always “misquoted”) wonders if you want to see something REALLY scary, asking:  What scary comic book should I review for Halloween 2012?


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  1. I’d suggest something from the old EC library for a fun “scary” story nostalgia trip. Nothing particular is coming up offhand, but I do so enjoy those particular stories around this time of year myself and there are plenty good ones to choose from.

  2. Not really frightening, but definitely fits the Halloween theme: Justin Sane’s “Heart of a Corpse: An Undead Engagement”

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