Not everyone wants all their statues to depict the leading figures in spandex that are featured in comics every month. Some collectors might just want an original piece simply because it is pleasing to the eye. If you fall into the later, Kaitendoh has a new statue that is just for you.

Arriving from Kaitendoh is a new original character line of statues that are guaranteed to compliment your personal Nerd Room of Doom. Illustrated by Mushimaro and sculpted by SUZU comes Enma, the first character is the new Cross X Create line of statues. Enma does have some removable clothing, but there is no clear indication of what parts exactly do.

It’s almost hard to believe that Enma is a completely original character because it is easy to imagine her flipping and spinning around with her sword. With the look she has going, there is no doubt that Enma would fit right along with any other bad-ass lady statues you may have.

Not officially arriving in stores till January, but Enma is available for pre-order on multiple sites around the Internet. As for price you should be prepared to pay from the low $120’s to the mid $130’s depending on where you go.


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