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The award-winning team of Scott O. Brown, Horacio Lalia and Stu Chaifetz are bringing their latest creation – Red Ice – to independent publisher 215 Ink. After working for companies like Marvel, DC, Vertigo and more, the Red Ice team has come to 215 Ink for digital and print publication for their Mars epic.

“Red Ice offers the kind of adventure and talent we love,” said 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “and we’ve already seen an immense response to previews – both online and at NYCC.”

Red Ice centers around the story of archaeologist Roland Allegro on his adopted homeland of Mars as he uncovers the true story behind the Red Planet’s initial colonization. With an invasion looming, Roland must dodge the government of Mars as he tries to get back to Earth.

“I’m ecstatic to be working with 215 Ink on RED ICE,” said Brown, “with all the excitement of Curiosity on Mars, RED ICE is a great way to revel in our cultural fascination with the Red Planet, and I’m thrilled to run its sands through my fingers. 215 Ink is the perfect home for this book, and I look forward to working with them.”

Red Ice can be ordered this month with Diamond order code OCT121220.

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