BIZ: Keyleaf Comics closes its doors


It’s sad when you learn that a comic publisher is closing its doors due to economic reasons, but that seems to be the case for Keyleaf Comics. The odd thing is, they only appeared on our radar in the last year, and maybe that is part of the problem for small publishers – getting the needed coverage to promote their wares. Major Spoilers, and its sibling site, Minor Spoilers do try to feature the small and big publishers to give something for everyone, but if companies don’t reach out, there isn’t a hand to help them up.

Sad day for Keyleaf Comics to be sure. Complete announcement after the jump.

For the last three years Keyleaf Comics, previously Semantink Publishing, has strived to produce quality entertainment for readers young and old. We are proud to say that we achieved that goal. In one of the most financially restraining periods of American history, we were able to create, nourish, and sustain a company with a single priority, to make quality comic books.

Unfortunately, that time is at an end. The economy has finally got up with us. While we want to be transparent, we must also respect those who have invested in us, so we can only say that at this point, we are no longer able to produce comics of a high enough quality to continue. This was not a decision made lightly, nor quickly, but one that is ultimately best for all involved.

On a personal note, I have been in love with comics since I was a small boy. The last three years have been a dream for me. Today marks, not the end of my dream, but a new path. I love comics now more than ever. I, and the people I have worked with over the last few years, will continue to create, produce and thrive – of that I am sure.

All of the intellectual properties in progress at Keyleaf Comics, those currently in production, and those still in development, are reverting with full rights to the owners.
All future events planned by Keyleaf, including our bimonthly MeetUps, and the upcoming DUST/CBLDF Poker Tournament on November 10, are cancelled.

Thank you to our readers for keeping us alive these three years. Thank you for your infectious passion and generous praise. Thank you to the creators who poured sweat and tears into their books. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes at Keyleaf, who let me live a dream for a while. Thank you to those we met, once peers, always friends, for keeping the faith.

Thank you all for everything. For the last time,

Benjamin Glibert
CEO, Keyleaf Comics

I don’t want it to happen, but someday a letter like this may appear regarding this site, and that is sad, too. Take a moment Spoilerites, and give your favorite small publisher and extra hug, and make sure you tell them thanks for everything they do!