STATUES: Cyclops Enters the Danger Room


Cyclops was front and center of the comic world the last few months during the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, so it makes sense that Kotobukiya has a statue depicting the character coming soon. But instead of showing him in his recent murderous rampage days, they have decided to immortalize him during his earlier years. Take the jump for all the pictures.


Kotobukiya lives up to the reputation it has built with this statute. Everything from the high quality colors to the kinetic pose to the base choice has left me drooling. If you are wanting this as much as I am you can head over to now and place your pre-order. Now the $219.99 price tag might scare you, but just think how classy your living space will look with Cyclops sitting on your coffee table.

via Kotobukiya