MOVIES: Justice League movie confirmed for 2015


With the Superman lawsuit is taken care of (for now), Warner Bros. can now move ahead with a Justice League feature film without the fear that they will lose the rights to the heavy hitter of the team. And to prove that this time, they are serious about the movie, the studio is putting it up against the Avengers.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the studio is now going to accelerate development of the movie, and get it in theaters in 2015 – the same year the next Avengers movie is scheduled to hit screens.  If Warner Bros. can pull this off, it should make for an interesting summer of movies as fans can once and for all can declare who is better… (psst – not really).

The script is already in the works, but there’s no word if it is based on the same script the studio was moving forward with a few years ago before the film collapsed just before the San Diego Comic Con, or if the studio needs to find new writers.  Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and David Goyer have long been writers H’wood turns to when it comes to pop culture properties (Transformers, Batman, Zorro, Blade, Ghostrider), but I kind of hope the studio finds someone with fresh ideas and a true deep understanding of the property and characters involved.

No director is attached, no matter how passionate the Ben Affleck fans are, and at this point we don’t know of any actors who have been approached to play any of the heroic roles.

2015 is still a long way away, and until Warner Bros. sends out the first day of shooting announcement, I’m still hesitant on this announcement being solid and expect to see some fluctuation between now and opening day.

via LA Times